Rush Surgery Center

Curry Health Network is pleased to offer ambulatory surgery services at the only outpatient surgery center in Brookings, Oregon - Rush Surgery Center.

Local Convenience, Competitive Pricing, Quality Care

Many surgical procedures are performed in an outpatient setting without an overnight hospital stay. Improved technology, less invasive surgical techniques and advances in pain control have made it possible for more surgical procedures to be performed on an outpatient basis. Throughout the U.S., nearly 60 percent of all surgery patients head home shortly after surgery is completed. Rush Surgery Center offers local convenience, competitive pricing, and quality care. Facility fees for most procedures are typically less than 50% of hospital fees.

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Outpatient surgeries offer many advantages over traditional inpatient surgery, without compromising quality of care. Benefits of outpatient surgery include:

Recovering in the privacy of your own home
Facility fees typically less than 50% of hospital fees
Less stressful than an inpatient stay

Rush Surgery Center provides you with the highest standards in patient care and medical technology available. Our experienced and caring staff will take excellent care of you.

Outpatient services may include:

Minor general surgery
Hernia Operations
Muscle Biopsies
Removal of Cysts and Skin lesions
Gastroscopy, Endoscopy & Biopsies

Cataract Surgery
Glaucoma Surgery
Eye Muscle Surgery
YAG Laser Surgery

Cosmetic (Plastic)
Facial Surgery
Scar Revision, Skin Grafts
Oculoplastic Surgery

Pain Management
Heacache, Neck & Arm
Low Back , Hip & Leg Pain
Upper & Mid Back Pain
Intrathecal Pump Refills
Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation


Surgeons include Dr. Jon-Marc Weston (cataracts and lazer eye surgery), Dr. Brett Pariseau (Oculo-plastic and reconstructive cosmetic surgery), Drs. Reg Williams and Glenn Levine (general surgery), Dr. Christopher Amsden (pain management), and Dr. Doug Johnson (gastro-intestinal procedures). You may also ask your physician to perform minor surgeries at Rush Surgery Center.


Surgeon Curricula Vitaes and referral forms are available for downloading here.


On surgery days only:
Eye surgery:
541.469.6923 (Brookings)
541.247.7212 (Gold Beach)
541.469.6923 (Brookings)
541.247.7212 (Gold Beach and Port Orford)
541.347.3622 (Bandon)
Pain Management:
Gastro-Intestinal, Biopsy, Hernia & Carpel Tunnel:


Rush Surgery Center
648 Chetco Ave.
Brookings, OR 97415